The Diagnostic Manual of Mishegas


Written by a committee including Jay Neugeboren, Michael B. Friedman, and an actual doctor, the D-MOM parodies the “Bible of Psychiatry” promises to “enable readers to transform ordinary tsuris and mishegas—the glooms, blues, angsts, and general chazzerie of their lives—into transcendent and easy-to-understand categories.”

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  1. Excellent book. This is a diagnostic system with real world validity

    The other day my boss and I were discussing “Bob”, a consultant we often work with. A really good guy, but way too high-strung, and constantly sweating the small stuff. I was trying to describe the guy and getting lost in a mental thicket of psych terms — OCD? Anxiety? Asperger’s? Nothing really fit.

    “He’s a nebbish,” my boss said flatly. Bingo! Not only was this accurate, but I actually get along great with Bob these days, now that I know he’s a nebbish. What he calls me, I don’t want to know, maybe a schlemiel? Whatever.

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