“The Great DNA Data Deficit: Are Genes for Disease a Mirage?”


In an article that contains implications for mental illness, GreenMedInfo reflects on the progress of identifying the genetic basis of medical illness. “What has changed scientifically in the last three years is the accumulating inability of a new whole-genome scanning technique (called Genome-Wide Association studies; GWAs) to find important genes for disease in human populations1. In study after study, applying GWAs to every common (non-infectious) physical disease and mental disorder, the results have been remarkably consistent: only genes with very minor effects have been uncovered. In other words, the genetic variation confidently expected by medical geneticists to explain common diseases, cannot be found.

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  1. Nice how these eugenicist simpletons get away with plastering the whole of society with stigmatizing genetic myths then isn’t it? Real nice. What a nice thing to do to an already powerless and officially legally discriminated against group. Thanks geneticists. Thanks for all your help indoctrinating society to believe people labeled ‘mentally ill’ are defective. Oh what’s that? can’t prove it? Never mind, take all the time you need in the world, we’ll be just living our lives, drowning in myths and smears you pepper the press with, just minding our own business while you examine our entrails, denying us our voice, declaring our experiences about as meaningful as a tumor.

    What lovely stand up guys. Hey, “it’s a living”. Just imagine, someone’s mortgage is being paid by “nice work if you can get it”, staring into electron microscopes, trying to discover the cause of the homeless guy’s problems, the guy you passed on your way to work at the research facility. What that guy needs is to be “understood biologically”, screw talking to him, why talk to some homeless guy when you can poke around a brain slice slide of a dead homeless guy? Where’s the fun in that?

    This is what these sickos think.

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    • Anonymous,

      Very astute observation. That’s why I think these articles exposing the fraud, junk science and the real evil motives behind the never ending eugenics/euthanasia agenda of the current Nazi Doctors (title of book by Dr. Jay Lifton, The Nazi Doctors) are crucial to the validation of our reality. I am very grateful that there are some decent people to counter the fiends who keep trying to put a positive spin on what Dr. Jay Joseph calls The Gene Illusion or The Missing Gene. It’s also been called an empty pool. So, every time we see the latest claims about so called genetic finds for the voted in junk science DSM stigmas now declared invalid to boot by their great leader, Dr. Thomas Insel, Head of the NIMH, we can know it’s garbage thanks to this and many other great articles by some great, honest people.

      I truly appreciate Kermit posting these and other great articles too.

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  2. DNA. Genes. Alright.


    According to this psychotherapist, human beings are genetically engineered by aliens. She says the genomes of “the grays” have been damaged by radiation, space travel, warring, fighting, competing and by cloning (genetic tinkering) and that they use human DNA as a means to heal themselves.

    Does she need a psych ward and some haldol? The grays? Space aliens? ET / Human hybrids? WHAT?

    Mental illness has gone too far.

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    • I know that my genomes, DNA, genes and brains have all been damaged by war, hate, lies, rape, brutal beatings, starvation, homelessness, domestic violence, poverty, neglect, etc.

      Here’s what I know: YOU, science and doctors – DON’T want to “heal” me or “cure” me. You really don’t, and I know it.

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