“Learned Helplessness as a Correlate of Psychosis”


Brainblogger considers the possibility that the primary characteristics of schizophrenia – deficits in affective, social, physical and intellectual functioning – may actually reflect the consequences of extreme emotional suffering: what Martin Seligman named “learned helplessness.”

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  1. Another great, enlightening article with which I totally agree since I am well aware of the horrific effects of all types of domestic, work, school, community and other horrific forms of abuse like mobbing, bullying and other group evil instigated by the growing number of malignant narcissists/psychopaths among us as explained in such books like Without Conscience and Snakes in Suits by Dr. Robert Hare, Working With Monsters by Dr. John Clarke, The Sociopath Next Door by Dr. Martha Stout, The People of the Lie by Dr. M. Scott Peck, Stalking the Soul by Dr. Marie-France Hirigoyen and web sites like Lovefraud, Narcissists Suck and tons of others since the mental death profession totally ignores this crisis since character disorders aren’t reimbursable since so called mental “health” experts don’t want to deal with these nasty people themselves, so they let the victims fend for themselves while stigmatizing THEM to push lethal poison drugs as they did in the infamous Phoebe Prince bullying/mobbing case. Obviously, there are plenty of character disordered people in the mental death profession. Another highly recommended book is In Sheep’s Clothing by Dr. George Simon to deal with the nasty covert aggressive predators among us.

    Experts in mobbing and bullying like Dr. Heinz Leymann, Dr. Tim Fields, Dr. Gary Namie, experts in the book, Bullies From Backyard to Boardroom, Dr. John Clarke, Dr. Marie-France Hirigoyen and many others expose that ongoing bullying and mobbing frequently leads to PTSD and ultimately stress breakdown with the mental death profession labeling it bipolar, delusional disorder, paranoia, ADHD and other victim blaming life destroying stigmas for profit to blame/destroy the victims and collude with their more powerful cohort predators in power. As Dr. Bruce Levine has so rightly pointed out, the mainstream mental death profession supports the power elite while helping them to control, blame, abuse and destroy their many victims/scapegoats, which is why they are granted the right to commit so many human rights violations.

    So, though some of the people may react to such unrelenting trauma/abuse/bullying/mobbing with psychosis as a coping device, I think it is more likely that this is a deliberate misdiagnosis in most cases to blame and scapegoat the victims of more powerful perpetrators who are more difficult to address or too entrenched in a toxic environment.

    Thus, I think the work of Martin Selgiman to help those who were tortured to the point of learned helplessness as in his “experiments” regain personal empowerment as with Soteria and Open Dialogue is the exact opposite of mainstream biopychiatry’s completion of this degrading assault on human beings often to the point of no return.

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  2. A very interesting article! And what a great comment too, Donna!
    Psychiatry as an institute is like a brutal experiment box where those that were already traumatized by society continue to get constant shocks that are probably often even worse than the trauma that was the initial cause of the psychological/psychiatric problem (and I’m not even talking about ECT’s!).
    If life and society didn’t give you “learned helplessness” yet, then psychiatry certainly will!
    They have done it with our daughter and they have done it with us, her family. Not yet as the dog in the picture though! We still have enough anger in us to give us the will to fight, but it is not an easy fight, for what can one do if the law supports the crimes against humanity committed by psychiatry?
    Mental Death Profession… I can’t help it (I’m well educated and don’t have the habit of complaining or kicking against things unnecessarily), but I can’t do otherwise than to agree! We have seen too much things happening in psychiatry and there are too many people dead now that certainly could have survived with better care and less drugs. How is it possible that psychiatry has gained so much power world wide?
    I thought Holland was a fine country to live in and would be the exception, but it is not. To the contrary even. Health care is totally underdeveloped, stone age, our supreme judge a free pedophile and psychiatry is like Nazi Germany or Russia before the fall of the iron curtain. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but unfortunately that’s our experience.

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