“The Violence in Our Heads”


Tanya Luhrmann writes in The New York Times about how “schizophrenia” and Hearing Voices manifest – and are responded to – in different parts of the world, concluding “it is a sobering thought that the greater violence in the voices of Americans with schizophrenia may have something to do with those of us without schizophrenia. I suspect that the root of the differences may be related to the greater sense of assault that people who hear voices feel in a social world where minds are so private and (for the most part) spirits do not speak.”

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  1. Although I am less than thrilled about the ongoing “mental illness equals violence” and the need to keep guns from them mantra to scapegoat them, I do appreciate the unique focus of this article about the idea that the so called violence of the “mentally ill” is a product of their violent environment. Think our war mongering government to keep the despicable military industrial war complex going that Eisenhower warned against. Also, check out Naomi Klein’s enlightening book, The Shock Doctrine, about how the power elite 1% using the military has been systematically preying on individual nations with wars and other invented crises to shock them into slave nations while robbing their natural resources causing world wide poverty, suffering and chaos/upheaval. This puts the problem of violence and human evil in perspective when one considers how psychopaths are hijacking the globe per the web site and book, Political Ponerology, along with the work of Dr. Robert Hare, world authority on psychopaths. Thus, the individual deeds of the so called mentally ill who become mass shooters mostly under the influence of the mental death profession and their lethal drugs pale when compared to the crimes of the psychopaths in power in government with their capitalist cronyism. Even the Supreme Court has been bought out and hijacked by these filthy rich predators who gained their massive wealth by robbing the rest of us with their bogus, predatory financial systems. Again, who are the most vile, vicious and deadly predators on humanity?

    Also, the fact that the author cites the success of the “hearing voices movement” with corresponding new voice hearing treatments helping such people cope with such thoughts is very hopeful and promising.

    Good article!

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  2. I’m not ignorant of the fact that people (human beings) are verbally abusive.

    That a “voice” would be verbally abusive is not remarkable because people ARE verbally abusive. That a “voice” would be commanding is also not remarkable because people ARE commanding.

    I can go on YouTube right now and find hundreds or thousands of comments from people telling other people, directly, to kill themselves. In fact, I’m gonna give you one right now:

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    RwandaWarriors 3 weeks ago
    Sarah needs to be killed

    (The following comment telling Rwanda to go kill themselves gets 34 likes)

    TheSharingan90 3 weeks ago
    Heartless bastard, go kill yourself..
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    Lainehh 2 weeks ago
    He/she said something pretty fucked up and heartless, however it’s never okay to tell someone to go kill themselves…
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    “What matters is the person you are underneath”.

    You’ve heard it a million times, right? Probably have even said it yourself. Well, what exactly does that mean?

    Why is there this distinction of “the person underneath”? Does that not indicate the existence of the inner world?

    The inner world is interconnected. We can and we do interact with others on the inside.

    I don’t believe in schizophrenia. I know Spirit. I know abuse and I know degenerates, too. I know that the inner world CAN be invaded and violated and degraded (I think it’s called Hell).

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