1. “But if your child doesn’t have ADHD, they can cause more harm than good.”

    So they cause more good than harm if your child does have ADHD?

    “So when a study published in November by a Centers for Disease Control epidemiologist said that the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD jumped 42 percent in the last eight years, I was skeptical. That report reveals that 6.5 million children now have the diagnosis, and 3.5 million are medicated — a 28 percent increase in the last four years.”

    I’m so glad they’re getting the help and medicine that they need. I mean, look at what’s happening. Kids are born with vision problems, celiac disease, ADHD, sensory processing disorder – it is CLEAR AS DAY. We are a sick, sick bunch of people!

    Of course, I’m being half-sarcastic. The fact is: “sickness” of some sort is happening, or else adults and children and elderly people wouldn’t have symptoms to complain to doctors about. So, I get that the message of this article is “obsession” and misdiagnosis. But my point of view is…

    PEOPLE ARE (epidemically?) SYMPTOMATIC.

    Is it normal to be born sick? Or dysfunctional, in some way?

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