“Cannabis Has Been Studied More Than Many FDA Approved Pharmaceuticals”


High Times points out that, with over 20,000 published studies or reviews in the scientific literature that reference cannabis and its active components, science knows more about cannabis as a medicine than regulators know about many FDA-approved pharmaceuticals.

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  1. And despite what has been reported here on M.I.A. There are specific cannabinoids in the cannabis plant are now being looked at for the next best treatment for Psychosis. That’s right despite countless studies attempting to show a link to Psychosis, scientist have found that the cannabinoid (CBD) can actually treat it–with minimal side-effects.

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  2. “While it’s possible that these study results may not hold up or that researchers could discover problems related to long-term use of CBD”- quoted from the above link.

    Yes, let’s do the research BEFORE we tout more medicinal values of the marijuana plant. Isn’t it enough that the use of MJ has climbed dramatically in the population especially among the younger generation? And the saddest part of this social experiment (especially to me) since I lost my 25 y/o son who had two psychotic breaks (to use the MH industry diagnosis given) over an 18 month period, both “episodes” precipitated by his use of this “herb”. My son believed it was “harmless” “innocuous” since many of his friends indulged (part of the culture). Yet despite testing + for THC (a MIND-ALTERING DRUG) on his toxicology screen, both psych admissions the p-docs didn’t use any of the “schizo” labels so what psychiatric label was assigned: “bipolar one” of course. What a pathetic joke reported that “schizophrenic” rates have remained constant despite this surge in marijuana use. Let’s connect the dots, one of the many reasons variations of bipolar (w/psychotic features) has become a household word.

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  3. WHO is suggesting using toxic neuroleptics on this site?????????????? Even my son, who was forced to take neuroleptics during each of his two psych hospitalizations weaned himself off the neuroleptic and other psychotropic drugs after he was released. My son felt the horrific side effects, including 55 lb wt gain over 4 months on the neuroleptic, until he stopped seeing the brainwashing out-pt p-doc and got help from the psychologist he sought counseling from.
    But cannabis is NOT a benign drug for certain young, developing brains particularly < age 25. Do you really believe today's youth who are culturally exposed to more and more cannabis know the ratios of THC:CBD they're using? The 850+ scientific journal studies about the cannabis- psychosis link stand out. Is it that difficult to accept while some people find cannabis beneficial to them, others can not process the THC without alterations in their MH?
    Society needs to update their awareness about what are some of the factors behind the rise in MI amongst this younger generation. I found out too late and my son is gone. My son got tangled up in the broken MH system which began when psychosis appeared literally overnight, twice, in an 18 month time span. Both times he tested + for THC, what a coincidence.
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3080696/ ( An article from Australia " Transition to Adulthood" )

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