“A Toast Story”


Giulietta Carelli started the Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club and, inadvertently, San Francisco’s craze for artisanal toast.  “More than a café, the shop is a carpentered-together, ingenious mechanism—a specialized tool—designed to keep Carrelli,” who was later diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, “tethered to herself,” states the article in the Pacific Standard.

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  1. Though my heart sank at the brief mentions of “diagnosis” and “treatment regimen,” and I don’t believe that anyone’s survival ought to depend upon the purchasing whims of hipster techies, I do think that this is, overall, a very beautiful story.

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  2. I was thrilled to see no mention of psych drugs, and I thought it was an amazing story, and timely for me, as I’ve just started to think about opening a coffee shop. I’ve been daydreaming about the name and the theme for the past three days. Now I’ll have to think about having toast on the menu.

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  3. It makes sense to me, finding oneself alone in the world without familiar people around is stressful, familiar people are great ‘reality checks’.

    It’s so easy to become alone and surrounded by strangers in today’s narcissistic society, I know especially in the suburbs of cities in the north east the status quo is “I don’t know ya, I got nothing to say to you, why are you talking to me?”

    Glad I am far away from that scene.

    The main reason those twelve step groups work at all is because it’s a place where people can go for ‘fellowship’ and stay sane.

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    • The suburbs of cities in the north east: People live on the same street for 20 years and hardly even know there neighbors first name more than 3 houses down unless they are google snooping over there property tax bill or something.

      So glad I got out.

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