1. I was excited about the title of this article until I read it. This horrible author is claiming this poor kid has the bogus bipolar fad fraud “illness” thanks to “Dr.” Joseph Biederman, who single handedly and fraudulently created both the child ADHD and bipolar epidemics while being secretly paid by Johnson & Johnson for positive studies of their toxic drugs in advance of the studies exposed by Senator Grassley. Journalists were astonished when he compared himself to God at his deposition in court.

    This horrible bipolar stigma with lethal lithium and other potential toxic drug cocktails is a death sentence for this child. I feel nothing but contempt for this author when the DSM and its voted in stigmas including bipolar, the latest sacred symbol and garbage can stigma of biopsychiatry, have been admitted to be invalid even by Dr. Thomas Insel, Head of NIMH. There has been a huge controversy about the gross over diagnosis of bipolar and every bipolar diagnosis is one too many with special emphasis on the horrors of the child bipolar epidemic.

    There is another so called doctor/author writing your child does not have bipolar, but they have ADHD proving both are fraudulent. Dr. Fred Baughman, Neurologist, exposes that both adult/child ADHD and bipolar are 100% fraud and the worst medical crimes ever perpetrated against humanity.

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    • Here is a link to the book, Your Child Does Not Have Bipolar Disorder: How Bad Science and Good Public Relations Created the Diagnosis by Dr. Stuart L. Kaplan.


      I was also initially excited to see this title too until I read that the author claims that your child has ADHD instead of bipolar, both of which are equally fraudulent. The author seems to be all too unaware that bad science and good public relations by the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel created both these brutal assaults on our nation’s children for greed, profit and power not to mention sadism and predation.

      But, seeing how these frauds are at war with each other about these spurious stigmas proves that they are invalid junk science as Dr. Insel now admits.

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  2. “Most of the “stuff-of-modern-American-life” is fraudulent.
    The fraudulent federal reserve money system.
    The fraudulent public school system.
    The fraudulent legal and justice system.
    The fraudulent pharmaceutical and medicine system.
    The fraudulent bi-partisan political system.
    The fraudulent war on drugs.
    The fraudulent so-called holocaust.
    The fraudulent War on Terror ~ which is actually a War of Terror which is increasingly becoming an internalized Domestic War of Terror

    The list goes on and on until you realize that the most honest thing in this nation is Big Time Wrestling.”

    Leif Oldhart

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  3. Same reaction – excitement followed by horror.

    It’s interesting that this book is by a neurologist. They must want part of the action.

    It’s also alarming that this article appeared in The New Republic. Maybe Eugenics Monthly isn’t taking articles at the moment.

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