John Breeding, PhD – Op-Ed Bio

John Breeding, PhD, is a psychologist with a well-established private counseling practice in Austin, Texas. A significant part of his work involves counseling with parents and children; he likes to assist adults in becoming more effective in their work with young people, offering non-drug alternatives to helping young people who are having a hard time. Dr. Breeding is also active on other challenges of psychiatric oppression, including electroshock, and the psychiatric drugging of elders in nursing homes.

Dr. Breeding has been active for about 20 years in challenging the psychiatric practice of electroshock. He served on the advisory board of the World Association of Electroshock survivors for many years, and was instrumental in the passage of significant legislation providing protection for Texas citizens regarding the use of electroshock in Texas, which is one state that actually bans electroshock on children under age 17.  He is a founding member of the Coalition for the Abolition of Electroshock in Texas (CAEST).

Dr. Breeding has written five books, his newest is called Leaving Home:The Journey From Birth To Emerging Adulthood (see his website). John is the father of three emerging adult children—Eric, Vanessa and Gardiner.