1. I find the Norwegian study interesting. For years, Scandinavians have been portrayed in both medical and popular literature as having a genetic tendency towards emotional and mental illness. View Bergman’s classic film “Cries and Whispers” in which cancer is also involved. In the 1930s, Swedish ophthalmologist Henrik Sjogren noticed adrenochrome deposits in the eyes of some of his patients who also had other symptoms in common (I’ll bet cancer was not one of them).

    Mothers with Sjogren’s Syndrome are many time more likely to have children diagnosed with schizophrenia than those without the condition.

    What’s the best “treatment” for Sjogren’s Syndrome? “The Scandinavian Diet”, the ancient Scandinavian diet. Trouble is, most people with Sjogren’s, like my mother, don’t like the foods in the Scandinavian diet and won’t eat them if other choices are available.

    See also the findings regarding adrenochrome, schizophrenia, cancer and essential fatty acids by
    Abram Hoffer, John Smythies, David Horrobin.

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