“No Excuse for Adderall Abuse”


According to the University of South Dakota’s The Volante, “In 1993, about four percent of American college students used prescription drugs for nonmedical uses, according to a March 2007 study in the journal “Addiction”. By 2001, that number had increased to 10 percent. Then, in 2010, that number spiked to 27 percent.”

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  1. “Don’t take Adderall unless there is a medical need for it. Not only is it harmful to the body, but it’s abusing a system for the people who actually need it.”

    This is a crock! Nobody “needs” Adderall any more than people “need” Five Hour Energy. What they actually want is a feeling, but are too lazy, misinformed or poor to live a lifestyle that promotes the energetic drive and powers of concentration they desire. Adrenal stimulants are sublime, having an immediate effect, but are ultimately a dead end.

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    • Subvet416,

      I totally agree with you that this article is outrageous. It promotes the big lie pretense that ADHD is a real psychiatric disease and even has the gall to pretend that the brain defects causing this bogus, voted in junk science stigma have been found when what they found are probably the effects of the toxic drugs as has been the case in may so called studies comparing so called ADHD versus non-ADHD subjects.

      This is biopsychiatry’s evil mantra that their poison drugs are just great for those they stigmatize with invalid, junk science DSM stigmas while they are dangerous for everyone else when the truth is they are dangerous for one and all as you point out.

      They do the same thing with the horrific neuroleptics with the pretense they are great and effective and even protective for those they saddle with bogus life destroying schizophrenia and bipolar stigmas while harmful and stigmatizing for so called normals if any remain when this psychiatry/Big Pharma cartel completes its sordid agenda of preying on the entire 99% to enrich the current 1% robber barons as they did in the past.

      Dr. Joanna Moncrieff and many other experts expose the big lie, con job that these poison drugs, ECT and any of psychiatry’s brain/body killing assaults target any specific illnesses, but rather subject people to major upper or downer effects just like any street drugs by causing abnormal brain states.

      Finally, Dr. Fred Baughman, Neurologist, exposes the total fraud of ADHD in his great book, ADHD Fraud, and his web site of the same name and tons of articles on the web debunking biopsychiatry in general as the worst medical crimes ever perpetrated against humanity!

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  2. I agree with the guy above. I got diagnosed with ADHD ever since i started adderall my life and personality went down hill. I could not get off them either because my body became dependent on them. It wasn’t until i came across http://www.bestadderallalternatives.com where they review the best alternatives and purchased the number 1 rated one that helped me transition off the meds. Those supplements have done more wonders in my cognitive abilites than adderall ever did. If you are going to take pills to help you get smarter or focus better, atleast try the natural stuff that doesnt mess with your psyche like adderall does. Oh and another thing, my “ADHD” diagnosis wasn’t because i didnt have the ability to focus, it was the fact that i didn’t possess the skill to focus. I learned how to focus through practice and meditation, not through adderall. Good luck everyone

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