An Honest Look at “An Honest Look at Mental Illness”


The Connecticut Forum (“a one-of-a-kind nonprofit based in Hartford, CT that presents live, unscripted panel discussions among renowned experts and celebrities, and community outreach programs”) hosts “An Honest Look at Mental Illness” tonight at 8 pm. An op-ed by Richard Shulman of Volunteers in Psychotherapy questions the assumptions and approach the forum is based on, providing a summary of what an up-to-date look at the subject might include.

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  1. Wow, another fantastic, honest article about the state of the mental “health” profession held hostage by biopsychiatry by psychologist Richard Shulman. It seems that the more brave people speak the truth to power, the more people become more brave and also speak the truth to power.

    Such articles written by experts in the field exposing the life destroying disease model of biopsychiatry to push lethal drugs, ECT and other brain/body destruction give me hope for the future as more and more such experts speak the truth to power.

    This CT volunteer program of psychotherapy with no formal stigmas on a person’s permanent record is a great remedy to avoid the many harms of mainstream biopsychiatry.

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