“Inheriting Stress”


The author of a November, 2013 article in Biological Psychiatry, on the effects of pre-pregnancy stress that manifest in the offspring of rats over successive generations, writes in The New York Times “What explains this pattern? Does trauma lead to suboptimal parenting, which leads to abnormal behavior in children, which later affects their own parenting style? Or can you biologically inherit the effects of your parents’ stress, after all?”

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  1. This article with its constant claims of their findings IN RATS that keep “suggesting” this and that about human stress/trauma being passed on about the same way as their bogus victim blaming genetics claims is another vile attempt to equate so called mental illness with human stressors. Biopsychiatry funded by the usual robber barons like the Rockefellers and Rothchilds have been doing that for quite some time by equating trauma symptoms with bipolar. They have been perpetrating the despicable claims that some experience more trauma than others due to their own biological misfortune to rob them of any validation, human rights or deserved compensation as with the military while falsely calling their rape and other trauma bipolar too, the new garbage can/sacred symbol of biopsychiatry. The reason that such claims are evil and bogus is that no biopsychiatrist could possibly track each and every stressful/traumatic event in one person’s life from birth and its intensity and meaning to that individual, their health, sleep, a ton of other influences or events and other status at the time in comparison to another person’s same history of such events and claim one reacted normally due to their perfect brain while the other reacted abnormally due to a faulty, “mentally ill” brain based on mere opinion with no or bogus evidence per usual. They are insane to claim that they can do this, but since they have fascist power and money behind them, they don’t even have to pretend to practice real medicine backed by science given that everyone knows the DSM is invalid junk science admitted by Dr. Thomas Insel, Head of the NIMH.

    But, due to Dr. Thomas Insel’s latest biological agenda to continue the current psychopathic robber barons’ never ending eugenics culling agenda in disguise to blame and scapegoat their victims to cover up the many social/environmental/monetary causes of human misery and distress, we will now have to tolerate such constant bogus articles claiming new so called biomarkers and even blood tests for “mental illness” all too prevalent now with profit making companies already advertising such “tests” for every bogus DSM stigma though admitted to be invalid! The same is true of computerized tests in every doctor’s office to “diagnose” most of the main, lucrative DSM stigmas like bipolar thanks to the huge conflicts of interest of the editor of DSM 5, his wife and cohorts in crime per 1boringoldman. And we’ll have to pay for it with our tax money to add insult to injury.

    As such predatory junk science keeps being published ad nauseam, I will have to work on my gag response and practice more stress/anger management when encountering such human intrapecies predation by the current psychopaths in power as explained in the book and web site, Political Ponerology and world authority, Dr. Robert Hare in his books Without Conscience and Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work.

    See DVD and web site, THRIVE, which shows how those at the very top of the human food chain have all but hijacked the planet for global control with the evil intent to cull much of humanity with ongoing eugenics and poison food, drugs, vaccines and other killers for easier fascist domination while having stolen most of the world’s wealth and leaving the majority in toxic debt that can never be repaid.

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  2. I watched the THRIVE DVD last night and was very impressed with Foster Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble wealthy family who has tried to make the world a better place rather than basking in his family’s wealth. Much of what he shares is quite shocking in that many genius inventions and cures that would have been huge contributions to humanity have caused their promoters to be attacked and even killed while their discoveries were silenced, destroyed and discredited. Sound familiar??

    In this DVD, he exposes what I said above in that the robber barons have been plotting global dominion with help from psychiatry for quite some time with the Fed controlling all the money supply while they’ve hijacked all the resources of the world needed for survival including food, energy, health care, housing, education, etc. At the same time, they have used such control of these resources to rob and poison the masses since reducing humanity would make fascist control much easier. Since I have been reading about this evil for many years including the eugenics theories promoted by Rockefeller and other robber barons to justify their malignant entitlement and robbery of everyone else, none of this comes as any surprise to me.

    Most of us here are aware that biopsychiatry provided the medicalise like calling the so called mentally ill, Jews, gypsies, gays and anyone else deemed inferior “human vermin” to justify gassing them to death as practice for the Nazi Holocaust they instigated as described by Dr. Peter Breggin, Psychiatrist, and many others. But, they were just the front group and flunkies carrying out the agenda of the power elites just as is true today.

    Here is the web site for THRIVE and before you judge it, I recommend you get the DVD from a library or other source because it’s pretty mind boggling especially to the uninformed. Already, the usual suspects are trying to discredit it by claims its a New Age Illuminati agenda much like biopsychiatry has used Scientology to keep their many well informed critics at bay. But, based on my own long term research, I believe that most if not all of this information is all too true and the human race had better wake up very fast before we are all destroyed.


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  3. I don’t see studies like this in so bad a light. We know things such as getting diagnosis in mental illness run in families. The “pure” genetic theory kind of says it’s an inherited disease, kind of an original sin a person gets on birth. However, if some problems are passed through things such as upbringing or epigenetic mechanisms, it kind of implies these problems maybe can also be fixed through various kinds of ways. Maybe another epigenetic or behavioural change will fix the problem.

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