“Reported High Rates of Military Mental Illness Are Wrong and Dangerous”


Allen Frances critiques the recent reports of high rates of mental illness in the military: “The research reported is not just a waste of tens of millions of dollars better spent actually helping our troops; it mischaracterizes them in ways likely to lead to even more over doses of prescribed medication and even more disadvantage in the job market.”

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  1. Though I disagree with Dr. Frances that any DSM stigmatizing or drugging is appropriate, I do give him credit for exposing and fighting against the outrageous predation and medicalization of most if not all normal human reactions to social and environmental stressors including all combat zones in the military, homes, schools, work places, communities and the world at large.

    What Dr. Frances says about the huge over diagnosis of DSM “disorders” causing life destroying stigma and toxic drug reactions also applies to ALL bogus DSM stigmas and biopsychiatry’s toxic drugs, ECT and other brain damaging treatments as used today.

    There are far better, less harmful ways to help people with severe emotional distress mostly caused by social, human and environmental stressors that can make them temporary rather than permanent with the former being the case with certain aids like Open Dialog and the latter being the case with the horrific, life destroying disease mongering paradigm of biopsychiatry.

    Dr. Allen also reveals the negative consequences to anyone and everyone when subjected to the DSM stigmatizing and drugging paradigm of biopsychiatry!

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