“The Medicalization of “Ups and Downs”: The Marketing of the New Bipolar Disorder”


Joanna Moncrieff writes in Transcultural Psychiatry, “The concept of bipolar disorder has undergone a transformation over the last two decades. Once considered a rare and serious mental disorder, bipolar disorder is being diagnosed with increasing frequency in Europe and North America, and is suggested to replace many other diagnoses. The current article shows how the modern concept of bipolar disorder has been created in the course of efforts to market new antipsychotics and other drugs for bipolar disorder, to enable these drugs to migrate out of the arena of serious mental disorder and into the more profitable realm of everyday emotional problems . . . The expansion of bipolar disorder, like depression before it, medicalises personal and social difficulties, and profoundly affects the way people in Western nations conceive of what it means to be human.”

The medicalization of “ups and downs”: The marketing of the new bipolar disorder (Trancultural Psychiatry)


  1. I’m very grateful that Dr. Joanna Moncrieff has been becoming much more hard hitting about the huge debacle and damage done by the self serving voted in invention of the latest fraud fad bipolar with not much resemblance to the manic depression it pretended to replace to push the latest lethal drugs, neuroleptics and so called mood stabilizers, on a brain washed public for their normal ups and downs and not so normal downs as the psychopaths in power continue to hijack the globe and impoverish and enslave the majority, the real abnormal or character/human disordered. The fact they include all the abused and traumatized by those in power makes the invention of this life destroying bipolar stigma and the lethal drugs to “treat” it all the more pernicious.

    Another obvious ploy is that biopsychiatry and Big Pharma had to create the fraudulent bipolar to prey on a much larger number of people with the lethal drugs and fraud since the bogus sacred symbol of schizophrenia only included about 1% of the population. This is so despicable it boggles the mind and provides the evidence that only very evil, narcissistic people could dream up such a vicious, predatory scam to instill nightmares on the rest of us.

    This article is included in the book, De-Medicalizing MiseryII:


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