On the Quest to Understand Computational Psychiatry


Boston WBUR public radio intern Suzanne Jacobs goes on a journey to find out what “computational psychiatry” is, and has some difficulty determining if the “cutting edge” term is new, old, or devoid of meaning. Eventually Jacobs meets Princeton University’s Jonathan Cohen, who says modern psychiatry is failing because it has forgotten its roots in Freudian psychology. Rather than doing experiments to track brain activity, Cohen says he’s interested in theoretical explorations of how computer simulations might help break down the division between psychology and neuroscience.

“You’d be hard pressed to find a neuroscience department in this country that has a pure theorist,” Cohen tells Jacobs. “That’s just a remarkable fact, and I think it says a lot about what needs to be done to make real progress.”

In Search Of ‘Computational Psychiatry:’ Why Is It A Hot New Field? (99.9wbur’s Common Health Reform and Reality, July 4, 2014)


  1. A new, very detailed article from the Lancet on Computational Psychiatry indicates to me that it is the same typical obfuscation and garbage in/garbage out agenda of the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel to blame/focus on the victims’ so called pathology while lying and denying all the environmental stressors like abuse, bullying, mobbing know to cause the stress/trauma symptoms the biopsychiatry cartel uses to prey on the victims with life destroying stigmas and toxic drugs to make huge profits at their horrific expense in every conceivable way.

    From what I can see, this is just one more vile agenda to create even longer seeming scientific words and bogus algorithms and technology to hoodwink people now that their chemical balances, bad genes and other junk science lies are being exposed. I realized while reading this garbage that the fact that these malignant narcissists/psychopaths inventing this despicable medicalise to continue to act as global intraspecies predators against normal humans in the guise of “diagnosing” what is supposedly wrong with us is the ultimate insanity, perversion, sadism and viciousness perpetrated by the fascist governments imposing this monstrosity on normal humans in the guise of mental health to further allow their 1% cohort crony capitalists to prey on the rest of us with impunity while robbing us and the globe of all resources, wealth, decency, humanity and hope unless we can topple these sadists from their lofty perch.


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    • “garbage in/garbage out”
      Exactly. Computer is this amazing machine which when fed any type of data will probably spit out some output. But whether this output makes sense depends solely on how good your data is and how good and appropriate the analytical tools you’re applying. I really find it hard to imagine what great insight could use of computers bring to this mess.

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