Sunday Humor: “Choosing Wisely” Helps You Dance More With Fewer Meds


University of British Columbia pharmaceutical science professor James McCormack and his band’s latest music video turns Pharrell’s Williams’ hit “Happy” into “Choosing Wisely,” a song about ordinary people dancing more when they start taking fewer medications. “It might seem crazy what I’m about to say/Less is more can often be the best way/There are tests, treatments and procedures you don’t really need/While some are very useful, some at best mislead,“ sings lead Liam Styles Chang. An elderly man dances bouncily to subtitles that explain he “definitely didn’t need antipsychotic medications” because he was given a fair estimate of benefits and harms and “engaged in shared decision making” with his physician.

An earlier video by McCormack also explores the issues of over-medicating in “Bohemian Polypharmacy.”

Choosing Wisely (James McCormack)

Bohemian Polypharmacy (James McCormack)