The Dangers of Screening Without a Diagnostic Method


A blog post from AbleChild raises questions about efforts in Connecticut to expand psychiatric screening and treatments for children and youth. “Since the tragic incident at Sandy Hook, the state has poured millions of dollars into increased mental health services and, sadly, none of that legislation was based on any investigative information that the shooter, Adam Lanza, lacked mental health services. In fact, based on the information that was made publicly available, Lanza was the poster child of mental health services and, perhaps, it is the services he received that may have contributed to his actions. Lawmakers, though, did not even consider this option.”

The AbleChild post describes the lack of reliable diagnostic methods in psychiatry and notes, “The fact that insurance companies are required to cover treatment for psychiatric disorders is interesting in, and of, itself. Imagine for a moment that a doctor files a claim on behalf of a patient for heart surgery but provides absolutely no objective tests that an abnormality actually exists. The first question from the insurer would be ‘where’s the tests to show this procedure is necessary?'”

AbleChild describes itself as a national parent’s rights organization that’s dedicated to protecting full informed consent and the right to refuse psychiatric services.

Teachers Trained to Promote Mental Illness? (, July 25, 2014)