“The Future of Psychiatry May Be Inside Your Stomach”


The Verge reviews the growing body of evidence of the psychological impacts of different types of gastrointestinal microbes, and interviews Boston-area psychiatrist James Greenblat who has incorporated probiotics into his treatment approaches for eating disorders, psychosis and other psychiatric conditions.

“For Greenblatt, this radical treatment protocol has actually been decades in the making,” reports The Verge. “Even during his psychiatric residency at George Washington University, he was perplexed by the way mental disorders were treated. It was as if, he said, the brain was totally separate from the body.”

“Each year, I get more and more impressed at how important the [gastrointestinal] tract is for healthy mood and the controlling of behavior,” Greenblatt told The Verge. Greenblatt said that he’s found that more than half of psychiatric complaints are associated with problems in the gut.

Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach (The Verge, August 21, 2014)


  1. I’ve recently saw a talk on the influence of gastrointestinal flora and vitamin K production on Pakinson’s disease. It may be, since the gut microbes affect the absorption of nutrients especially vitamins and microelements.

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