Larry Davidson, PhD – Long Bio

Larry Davidson, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale, and also serves as the Senior Clinical Officer and Mental Health Policy Director for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. He is Director of the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health.

His training, research, and policy interests focus on the interface between recovery in psychiatric and substance use disorders and membership in society. He has investigated processes of recovery in psychosis, using peer support and other social engagement strategies with people who have co-occurring disorders and/or who are homeless, the development of qualitative and participatory research methods, the development and evaluation of innovative, community-based psychosocial interventions, and the promotion of collaborative relationships between people with behavioral health disorders and their healthcare providers. Much of this work has been oriented toward articulating a disability and civil rights perspective on psychiatric disorders, attempting to create an array of pathways into community life for people with psychiatric disabilities. Throughout this work, he and his colleagues have attempted to identify and redress social, political, and economic disparities as they relate to healthcare, opportunities for recovery, and the participation of persons with disabilities in the activities, and communities, of their choice.