China Mills – Long Bio


China Mills is a lecturer in Critical Educational Psychology at the University of Sheffield’s School of Education, and is the author of Decolonizing Global Mental Health: the Psychiatrization of the Majority World (published by Routledge, 2014). China’s research interests lie mainly within critical interdisciplinary approaches to exploring cross/trans-cultural psychiatry, “global mental health,” psychotropic drugs, the pharmaceutical industry, and (post)colonialism. China has written on the psychiatrization of childhood and of the global South, and is interested in exploring the psychiatrization of poverty.

From a young age, China has been an ally of the psychiatric user/survivor movement, and carried out research for the Hearing Voices Network with young people who hear voices. She worked on the helpline for the Hearing Voices Network in Manchester, and has facilitated a number of workshops in India on the Network approach. Previously, China worked as a research officer at the University of Oxford, looking at the intersections between social isolation, stigma and poverty. China is an editorial board member of Disability and the Global South: An International Journal and the Annual Review of Critical Psychology (ARCP). She is also a member of the editorial collective for Asylum, a magazine for democratic psychiatry.