High-tech Headband Takes Anxious Man Where Only Meditation Has Gone Before


Technology journalist Shane Snow experiments with “Muse” for two weeks, a $300 high-tech headband that provides both relaxation exercises and real-time electroencephalogram readings of his brain activity, to see if it will help him deal with stress, anxiety and pain.

“After I donned the plastic headband, I watched in real time as slowing my breathing or concentrating on something or simply talking affected the different wave forms,” writes Snow, providing a detailed account of his experiments, and many visual snapshots of what the device was showing him.

The inspiration for the device came from research into neurofeedback training and neuroplasticity, and Muse inventor Ariel Garten told Snow that the device and training exercises were designed “to reduce perception of pain, improve memory, improve affect, reduce anxiety, and also improve emotional intelligence.”

“Despite the chaos in my life, there was no doubt that this little device had made me a calmer person in just two weeks,” writes Snow. “I could play through the mental and physical pain with twice the composure as just fifteen days before.”

Can You Rewire Your Brain In Two Weeks? One Man’s Attempt… (The Blog of Tim Ferriss, September 12, 2014)


  1. Ahatever helps you…
    In the same time I have a problem with the fetishistic idea of making people “calm”. that seemed to be the prime interest of all the psych “professionals” I’ve met who couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea that I may have different aims in life than to become little Budda. Fine, if that is what other people want and all power to them but I want no behavioural control or drugs in order to make me “calm”.

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