Sunday History Channel: Retro Report on Prozac


The New York Times has released Retro Report‘s ten-minute documentary video and essay looking at the birth and rise to fame of the SSRI antidepressant Prozac, and the growing backlash against this “marvel of commercial branding.”

Selling Prozac as the Life-Enhancing Cure for Mental Woes (New York Times Retro Report, September 21, 2014)


  1. They forget to mention that Elly Lilly had held onto documents, kept them from the FDA to get it approved, that did prove that Prozac increased suicide and homicide risks by 12 times over other antidepressants.

    Breggin is one of the psychiatrists that got those documents released and he has been in over 100 lawsuits testifying for people who were hurt by the drug. Including a man where the judge fully believed a persons murder had been committed because of Prozac, and nothing else.

    We all know Prozac helped f*** society up. Many people have long lasting neurological damage that cannot be treated today as a result. I would love to see the mainstream media document that. This movie doesn’t even mention that they failed at the 1991 hearings which was supposed to bring relief for families who had committed suicide and had tendencies increased by Prozac, they preferred to help cover up the scandal of the damage the antidepressants were doing.

    Now we have a super mega industry built off of damaging people for virtually no pay out, because of bad decisions that went this way.

    Real way Prozac works: by inhibiting nerve function, you feel and function less, and apparently this feels good if it actually helps at all. We also know antidepressants are not significantly better than placebo and that exercise works nearly four times better without need for medical brain mutilation and a fraction the cost to boot.

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    • I took Prozac for a month and had major anxiety problems. I’d wake up in the morning feeling scared to death and not knowing why. Other people report the same for other feeling like utter depression or anger.

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