“ADHD Brains are the Most Creative”


In AlterNet, Scott Barry Kaufman reviews the evidence that people who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD often have higher than average levels of creativity. He then explores how cutbacks and lack of support for creativity and the arts in the US school system is failing to provide opportunities for these children and youth to excel.

ADHD Brains Are the Most Creative: Why Do We Treat It Like a Disability? (AlterNet, November 5, 2014)


  1. I always laugh and cringe at the same time when I hear psychiatrists diagnosing various artists post-posthumously. Van Gogh would be one of the examples. How many of these people would have never contributed in their very special way to our collective culture if they were labelled and drugged from the get go? Psychiatry would make everyone a well-adjusted drone, nothing more, nothing less.

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