“Pay $1000 to criticize a bad ‘blood test for depression’ article?”


In the PLOS Blog Mind the Brain, James Coyne recounts how he wanted to participate in post-publication peer review surrounding the “bad science” in an article about an alleged “blood test for depression” published in Translational Psychiatry. He learned it would cost him $1,000. He then discusses what looks like a trend to suppress criticism of studies in medical and psychiatric journals, and re-examines just how bad the science in that blood test for depression article really was.

Pay $1000 to criticize a bad ‘blood test for depression’ article? (Mind the Brain, December 4, 2014)


  1. This is nothing short of ridiculous. Post-publication review was supposed to help against unfair and not transparent review process and provide important criticisms for already published research.
    I wonder who will be able to pay that much money for the fun of reviewing the article and why that’s going to be pharma-paid “researchers”.

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