Sunday History Channel: When Psychiatrists Removed Intestine Parts to Cure Schizophrenia


In Discover, Neuroskeptic discusses an article from the Journal of Medical Biography that recounts the story of two of the earliest 20th century American “surgeon-psychiatrists who believed that they could cure schizophrenia by removing parts of their patients’ intestines (and other organs).”

In the Comments section, it is noted that researchers today are beginning to link certain psychological states to influences from gut microbiota.

The Tragic History of Surgery for Schizophrenia (Discover, January 11, 2015)


  1. They can’t suck out your brain anymore so they’ll cut away part of your intestine instead…
    I mean there are medical conditions which sometimes necessitate removal of parts of the digestive system but I don’t want to see these quacks do it. If the mental problems are linked to physical illness treat the physical illness (there are real doctors for that). But chopping of human body parts to cure their brains has a bad connotation for me.

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