Researchers Describe “Mind-blowing” Findings With Psychedelics


Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, visits the resurgence of interest in the psychotherapeutic properties of psychedelic drugs in an essay in The New Yorker.

“Many researchers I spoke with described their findings with excitement, some using words like ‘mind-blowing,” writes Pollan. He quotes psychologist Anthony Bossis saying, “People don’t realize how few tools we have in psychiatry to address existential distress. Xanax isn’t the answer. So how can we not explore this…”

The Trip Treatment (The New Yorker, February 9, 2015)


  1. I’d like to suggest that taking what is probably the most sensationalist phrase in Pollan’s article, and surely one likely to push some hot buttons in this community (and understandably so), and building a headline around it may not be the best way to introduce this, especially since there have been some rather polarized and, in my view, highly reactive, discussions of psychedelics on this site recently.

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    • I agree. I’m fine with people doing drugs (it’s as old as humanity itself) but feeding folks psychoactive drugs when they are down and using it as a way to “fix” someone instead of fixing the reasons why they feel that way seems counterproductive.

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