Ronald Bassman, PhD – Long Bio


After more than forty years of studying madness or what he prefers to call extreme and diverse mental states, Ron Bassman‘s beliefs and understanding continue to evolve. When he was 22 years old, he was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric institution for 6 months, where he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and subjected to massive doses of medication along with a combined series of 40 insulin-induced comas and electroshock. Three years later, he was hospitalized again for another 6 months and diagnosed with schizophrenia, chronic type. Several years later he returned to graduate school, earned a PhD in psychology, and became a licensed psychologist. Ron believe that by writing and speaking his truth to power, he can challenge the misconceptions of both mental health professionals and the general public – and most importantly, inspire fellow travelers. His written works include the book A Fight to Be: Experiences from Both Sides of the Locked Door.  Additionally, articles can be downloaded for free off of his website, The article “Never Give Up, published in the peer reviewed journal Psychosis, was voted by its subscribers to be the best article of 2012. This spring, his essay “Hope Nurtures the Dream” will be published in the book Same Time Next Week, edited by Lee Gutkind.