iPhone Becoming Comprehensive Health and Mental Health Monitor


“Apple Inc.’s new ResearchKit software platform turns the iPhone into a diagnostic tool drawing medical data from millions of potential customers, creating a boon for researchers and a headache for privacy advocates,” reports Bloomberg.

“As the iPhone’s technology has advanced, the data it can capture on its customers’ activity has gone far beyond the basics, like the number of steps a user has taken in a day,” reports Bloomberg. “Researchers will be able to ask for access to the accelerometer, microphone, gyroscope and GPS sensors in the iPhone ‘to gain insight into a patient’s gait, motor impairment, fitness, speech and memory,’ Apple said in its statement.”

The iPhone will also be able to download information from other compatible electronic health devices and incorporate many apps designed to track health and mental health-related information.

Apple’s Health Research Kit Makes IPhone Users Test Subjects (Bloomberg, March 9, 2015)


  1. …and any remnants of patient’s privacy goes flying off the window. As if they were not spying on us enough. I’ve heard that merge between government and corporations to create a coercive surveillance state is also called fascism. I’ve also heard in US fascism is going to wear a smiley face.

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