Johnson & Johnson: 170 Years of Scandal and Fraud


truthout commemorated the February 20th birthday of Johnson & Johnson by reviewing highlights of the company’s many “decades of fraud and injury claims” in its pharmaceutical-related activities.

“In 1905, finally, Collier’s Weekly magazine published a muckraking piece that exposed the industry’s chicanery in all its sordid details,” writes truthout. “Congress passed the first federal drug law. The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 banned the manufacture and sale of poisonous patent medicines, but alas, the law had no teeth. Narcotic cures and dangerous substances continued to fly out of J&J warehouses.”

Happy Birthday RW Johnson! A Legacy (truthout, February 20, 2015)


  1. That is what happens when you let corporations run wild. Bankers blow up the economy, pharma kills people, oil companies pollute… nobody wants to give up profits for such minor thing as ethics.

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