Is “Low Testosterone” Actually a “Disease”?


In The Washington Post, a variety of experts weigh in on whether the boom in diagnosing various psychological and physical problems as being caused by “low testosterone” and then treating elderly men for it is “disease-mongering.”

“Are you tired? Do you have low energy? Have you put on some weight recently? Despite the advances of modern medicine, there is no magic pill or fountain of youth to combat aging, poor food choices or bad exercise habits,” reports The Washington Post. “But if you’ve been watching infomercials or flipping through a magazine lately, you may think testosterone could be a cure-all.”

The author of the book, Testosterone For Life calls the allegation of disease mongering “highly disturbing,” and describes “testosterone deficiency” as “a real condition experienced by real men.”

The article states thet pharmaceutical sales of testosterone increased from $324 million in 2002 to $2 billion in 2012.

The testosterone and HGH boom: How critics say ‚Äėdisease mongering‚Äô created a multibillion-dollar industry (Washington Post, March 24, 2015)