Margaret Altman – Long Bio


Margaret Altman was born, raised and educated in N.Y., receiving her MSW at Adelphi University. She is licensed as a clinical psychotherapist in N.Y. and California and has been working professionally for more than 35 years. Currently semi-retired, she is a mental health consultant for a large senior services organization, where she has speaking engagements and produces articles for their clients and the community through their newsletter.

The most challenging and exciting positions she has held have been as a crisis intervention specialist inĀ three Los Angeles County jails in addition to emergency rooms, suicide prevention centers and psychiatric units.Ā where she intervened in many explosive situations. In the jail system, she partnered with a deputy sheriff to locate mentally ill inmates in the crowded and dangerous dorms and bring them out for treatment. This was a pilot project that has since become a permanent feature of the jail system, the J.M.E.T (Jail Mental Evaluation Team). Her book,Ā Tower 1,Ā is based upon these experiences. Margaret is a crisis intervention specialist and has intervened in many explosive situations within jails, emergency rooms, suicide prevention centers and psychiatric units. She has been in private practice with a psychiatrist, but prefers the teamwork, fast pace and intensity of her other positions.

Margaret studied under Dr. Allan Schore (UCLA Professor and author of many child development books) and has writtenĀ Developing Your Childā€™s Emotional IntelligenceĀ (2003), a book that was accepted by the Los Angeles Public Library System. She enjoys writing and researching a wide range of topics, primarily in realms that still lack an adequate knowledge base such as explosive behavior syndromes.

Margaret is married with a son and 2 grandchildren who live close by. She is almost always engaged in a project that involves exploring an unknown domain, researching and writing.