A Mental Disorder or an Infection? A Son’s Story


On Beyond Mental Illness, retired social worker David Moyer writes about his son’s long battle with what is either “a mental disorder” or what appears to more likely be effects from serious infections and other physical problems.

“Ask most psychiatrists — indeed most physicians — and they will tell you he has a mental disorder,” writes Moyer. “Ask me and I will say ‘No way!’ He has multiple medical disorders that have not been adequately treated with standard of care medicine. After consulting with numerous health care providers and assessing the results of a myriad of laboratory tests, we have identified a number of useful treatment targets. Chronic bacterial infections are just one of them. My son is one person. What about all the thousands of others destined for recurrent psychotic episodes and the risk of a 25-year shorter lifespan because their ‘mental disorder’ is the object of treatment?”

My Son Does Not Have a Mental Disorder (Beyond Mental Illness, March 4, 2015)


  1. If there’s one thing I am sure about is that he’s not the only one. People are dying not only from “side effects” of psychiatry but also because the legitimate medical issues are neglected.

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