Negative Studies about Antidepressants (Still) Less Likely to Be Published


Salon looks at old data on depression studies and new data on anxiety disorders, and finds pharmaceutical companies and psychiatric researchers still “aren’t telling you the whole truth.”

“Yet last month, Erick Turner and some colleagues released a new analysis, in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, looking this time at drugs used to treat anxiety disorders — and they found almost the same results,” reports Salon. “Nearly every study (40 of 41) that the FDA determined to be positive ended up getting published. Of the studies the FDA determined weren’t positive, almost half didn’t get published; those that did were largely published in ways that conflicted with the FDA’s findings.”

That study was reported on by Mad in America.

Drug companies aren’t telling you the whole truth (Salon, April 25, 2015)


  1. “pharmaceutical companies and psychiatric researchers still “aren’t telling you the whole truth.””

    Why should they? Are there rally any incentives for them to do so. It’s very simple really – I could write an appropriate piece of legislation in one day and run it through an lawyer for “language adjustment” and so could anyone with a little common sense. There’s no political will for change – that’s the problem.

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