No Philosophy of Neuroscience?


In Discover, Neuroskeptic wonders why neuroscience has apparently never had any “big ideas” or schools of thought growing out of fundamentally different approaches.

“By ‘big’ ideas, I mean schools of thought, philosophies, or movements,” he writes. “Psychology has had, and continues to have, plenty of them: behaviorism, cognitivism, Freudianism, social constructionism, to name a few. But whenever I’ve tried to think of the neuroscience equivalents of these big ideas, I’ve drawn a blank.”

Where Are The Big Ideas in Neuroscience? (Part 1) (Discover, April 19, 2015)


  1. Bio-psychiatry is one of those which supposedly grows out of neuroscience. Problem is that it is as much informed by real neuroscience is as racists and fascists were informed by genetics and evolutionary theory. I think one has to be careful with “philosophies growing out of” any given biological or otehr science – they tend to have little to do with science and a lot to do with pretty hideous elements of human nature.

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