When Thoughts and Actions Seem to Be Perilously Fused


In Schizophrenia Bulletin, an anonymous writer describes becoming convinced that his thoughts and actions were dangerously fused together, and his consequent years of struggling to control his thoughts.

“Thought-action-fusion is the belief that thoughts will directly transcend into actions and is common among patients with psychotic disorders,” writes Anonymous. “During my episodes there were quirks and involuntary movements I was experiencing and disliked that I believed were a direct result of my thoughts. Sometimes I moved into people when I had no desire to move into them at all. I strove to filter and control every single thought I had and became extremely paranoid if I began thinking anything unscrupulous for fear it would become an action. It was odd I had an irrational fear of unscrupulous actions because I never made any major mistakes at any point before or during my episodes which could incriminate me on any level or cause me or anyone else any harm…”

Anonymous. “Thought-Action-Fusion.” Schizophrenia Bulletin, May 7, 2015, sbv057. doi:10.1093/schbul/sbv057. (Full text)