Karen Taylor, RMN – Long Bio


Karen Taylor, RMN, has 16 years experience in the NHS in England with both older people and adults of working age, including personal experience in designing, implementing and managing innovative community care services.  After leaving the NHS, she managed the company Keepwell Ltd. for two years, and ran a psychosis resolution service based on recovery. Karen co-authored the workbook Working to Recovery, and has also been involved in introducing recovery training into Australia, New Zealand, Palestine, Denmark and Italy, as well as throughout the United Kingdom. Now based in Scotland, she is director of Working to Recovery, Ltd, alongside Ron Coleman. Karen and Ron are passionate that recovery is for all, including workers. Together, they travel the world telling their story of recovery and spreading their hope-based message, engage with mental health services, carers, and service users, and challenge them to review their roles and embrace the idea of recovery for all.