“The Manual of Psychedelic Support”


In the newsletter of the Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Zevic Mishor writes about the development of a free guide to supporting people through extreme states induced by the voluntary use of psychedelic drugs. The guide is called The Manual of Psychedelic Support: A Practical Guide to Establishing and Facilitating Care Services at Music Festivals and Other Events.

Mishor quotes an excerpt of a personal story from the manual:

He was in despair and crying, whilst at the same time he was very disruptive and threatening… By now we were eight people working to detain him—four security personnel and four care givers—and still the man was putting up a fight. I ran to bring the stretcher, adding four pillows and two mattresses to make it softer… He was screaming and he kept saying, “I will beat you up! I know you now! I will find you and kill you!”, as well as things like, “Who am I?”, “Is this really happening?”, “Am I really?”, but quickly changing back to his violent threats…

I saw him later at a crossroads at the festival and he truly was thankful. He even fell on his knees when I told him we had a plastic bag with his mobile phone and dirty clothes. It was wonderful to see him so different and happy! I wish I could see him again and chat more…I felt so warm to receive thanks and to know that I protected him from the darker self we all hide inside. It is always amazing to see a human being like a wild dangerous beast one day, and the next day like a saint, the hope of humanity!”

The manual is available for free download at PsychSitter.com

Bringing Light to Dark Places: The Manual of Psychedelic Support (MAPS Bulletin Spring 2015 Vol. 25, No. 1 – Psychedelics and Policy, May 13, 2015)

The Manual of Psychedelic Support