Tabita Green – Long Bio


Tabita Green is an author, speaker, blogger, and community organizer. In 2011, she left her six-digit corporate job to focus on family, health, and community building. After three years of research into mental health and resilience for her book, Her Lost Year: A Story of Hope and a Vision for Optimizing Children’s Mental Health, she believes humanity’s future health and happiness depends on the creation of resilient, sustainable communities.

Tabita discovered blogs over ten years ago and has been blogging ever since. Her personal blog inspires readers to take action for personal wellness, social justice, and a sustainable future. Tabita is also an engaging speaker and offers presentations on topics ranging from mental health optimization to simple productivity. She has presented at the National Wellness Conference, offers workshops on time management and health, and is a guest lecturer at Luther College on several different subjects, including mindfulness in education.

A native of Sweden, Tabita currently enjoys small-town living in Decorah, Iowa, with husband Todd, daughter Rebecka, and (spoiled) dog Sophie. In her spare time, Tabita likes to run around in the woods, sing in choir, and teach Swedish. Follow @tabitag.