David Traxson – Long Bio

David Traxson has been an educationalist for over forty years, working first as a High School teacher of science for seven years and then as a Chartered Educational Psychologist (BPS) for thirty for years. He has seen an exponential rise in psychotropic drugs for children. He is a member of the Division of Educational and Child Psychologists (DECP) Committee of the British Psychological Society and is participating in the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) review of ADHD. He believes that now is the time to challenge doctors in cases where psychologists and other professionals have ethical concerns about the emotional well-being of the children with whom they work. This is supported by the Health Professionals Council Duties as a Registrant (2009) which states, “You must not do anything or allow someone else to do something that you may have good reason to believe will put the health or safety of a service user in danger.” He believes, therefore, that all child mental health workers, “Have a ‘Duty of Care’ to be aware,” of these issues in the schools where they work. The National Committees of the Association of Educational Psychologists and the Division of Educational and Child Psychology actively support raising concern about  the possible harm of the children from the toxic effects of psychotropic drugs in young developing brains. He has written over twenty articles and articles in journals about this issue all of which can be found on his successful blog: [email protected] – which stands for Challenging Overprescription by Professionals in Education for Young People. When so much research is rigged in favour of the profits of BigPharma, as documented by Dr. Ben Goldacre in his seminal book Bad Pharma (2013), David believes:

“When deceit is so universal, telling the truth is revolutionary.”
–   George Orwell.

He believes we are duty bound to share our professional concerns with the doctors prescribing these drugs and to engage in a dialogue with their professional bodies to reverse the trends of this societal and systemic madness.