“More Patients in Scotland Given Antidepressants”


The BBC reports that the number of people in Scotland taking antidepressants has increased by 5% in the past year with most of the patients being women and those in the poorest parts of the country. “We are now looking at the flabbergasting statistic of more than one in seven people in Scotland being prescribed antidepressants this year,” Conservative health spokesman Jackson Carlaw said.  “We urgently have to look at better alternatives than simply parking people on medication in the hope things don’t get any worse, with no aspiration for complete recovery.”

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  1. That can’t end up well…
    Not only are people not getting better – they will have more problems at the end of the day when side effects and dependence take their toll. Not to mention that I have not seen an antidepressant fix poverty before.

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  2. Btw, that is also linked to “anti-stigma” propaganda:

    “”The Scottish government has long worked hard to reduce the stigma faced by people with mental health problems.” As this stigma declines we would expect more patients to seek help from their GPs for problems such as depression.”

    Instead of looking at the causes of their problems and organizing people are now attributing their problems to broken brains and getting chemical lobotomies. Given that most of the recipients of this “care” are older women it looks awfully like a profitable way of getting rid of “superfluous population”.

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