Seroxat Secrets

Seroxat Secrets provides educational information on the history of Seroxat, potential adverse effects of Seroxat, and withdrawal resources specifically for Seroxat. The website was developed by a man who experienced adverse effects of both Seroxat itself and Seroxat withdrawal. The site’s “About Me” section features his withdrawal story.

In addition, the website includes a timeline that summarizes the history of Seroxat from 1998 to 2012, as well as a “Videos” section featuring testimony on Seroxat withdrawal and a report on Paxil addiction. The site also includes numerous blog posts on various Seroxat-related topics. Some of the blog posts pertaining to withdrawal include:

  • UK Seroxat Litigation and Withdrawal – Breaking News
  • Glaxo Admits Seroxat/Paxil Has Withdrawal Problems…
  • Seroxat Increases Suicidal Thinking – It’s Official – But What About Addiction and Withdrawal?
  • Seroxat/Paxil Withdrawal Help
  • The Hell of Seroxat Withdrawal
  • How Addictive Is Seroxat?


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