Transform by Ashleigh

Fear is running our lives.
Fear of being different.
Fear of being inadequate.
Fear of being not good enough.
We project our fears onto others.
We build walls within our hearts.
We eliminate reflections of ourselves we aren’t ready to deal with.
Out of fear.
We fear intimacy.
We fear pain.
We fear hurt and broken hearts.
We fear death.
How do we counter this fear?
How do we move out of the darkness of fear and into the light?
We move through fear with love and courage.
We set our selves up for victories.
We follow our passions.
We accept and support our networks.
We live in harmony with those living around us.
We strive.
We thrive.
We move through fear with courage.
And move forward.
You are not done. You are just beginning. Don’t let fear stop you
Keep moving, my love.
You are strong enough.
Brave enough
And have survived through so much pain that you met with courage.
You are an inspiration.
Your healing is inspiring.
Time to embrace this life.
Move toward your goals.
Move forward.
Always. All ways. You are healing and growing and embracing changes that are necessary to our collective survival.
Trust your visions.
Trust your drive.
Trust yourself.
Trust those who love you.
Who want you to be your best human.
Moving forward with positive vibes and positive changes to our world.
You are beautiful.
Trust your process. ❤✊


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