Federally Funded Health Researchers Disclose Millions in Conflicts of Interest


From ProPublica: “Federally funded health researchers reported more than 8,000 ‘significant’ financial conflicts of interest worth at least $188 million since 2012, according to filings in a government database obtained by ProPublica.

The database of disclosures reported to the National Institutes of Health, which has not been made public before, details the financial relationships of researchers at universities, hospitals and nonprofit organizations … The total value of the conflicts is likely much higher than $188 million, in part because 44% of the disclosures did not place a dollar value on the investigator‚Äôs financial relationship …

ProPublica is providing public access to the data through its Dollars for Profs lookup tool.

‘This is critically important,’ said Lisa Bero, a University of Sydney professor who studies the impact of corporate interests on health care research. ‘Many people over the years have been calling for it. We need this kind of data available.'”

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