They Lost Their Loved Ones to Covid. Then They Heard From Them Again


From CNN: “The coronavirus pandemic has now killed more than 600,000 Americans. Many of us never had a chance to hug or say farewell to loved ones who died alone and isolated in hospital wards due to fears of spreading the virus.

But there is another group of pandemic survivors who say they have been granted a second chance to say goodbye. They are people like Horne who believe they’ve been contacted by a loved one who died from coronavirus.

These experiences can be subtle: relatives appearing in hyper-real dreams, a sudden whiff of fragrance worn by a departed loved one, or unusual behavior by animals. Other encounters are more dramatic: feeling a touch on your shoulder at night, hearing a sudden warning from a loved one, or seeing the full-bodied form of a recently departed relative appear at the foot of your bed.

These stories may sound implausible, but they are in fact part of a historical pattern. There is something in us — or in our lost loved ones — that won’t accept not being able to say goodbye.

And whenever there is a massive tragedy such as a pandemic, a war or a natural disaster, there is a corresponding surge in reports of people seeing the dead or trying to contact them.

. . . These experiences are so common in the psychological field that there is a name for them: ADCs, or ‘after death communications.’ Research suggests at least 60 million Americans have these experiences, and that they occur across cultures, religious beliefs, ethnicities and income levels.”

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  1. I am VERY surprised that CNN would cover this!
    What’s going on with that? I have seen the mainstream cover paranormal topics every now and again. Back in the “old days” it was often done in good faith, but more recently it usually has been used as an opportunity to ridicule the assumptions such data tend to support.

    These phenomena sre hard to study because they don’t normally occur under controlled laboratory conditions. But those who wish to study this seriously should do so. Eventually, perhaps, there will develop a basic agreed-upon context for such events. I know I have already formulated such a context, but there is not a lot of agreement on what “flavor” to use, even among those who are quite certain that Spirit is real and should be taken seriously in all aspects of life.

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