In Memory of Sandra Escher, Pioneer on Voice-Hearing

Sandra Escher

Sandra Escher, who together with Marius Romme helped create a foundation for the Hearing Voices movement, recently passed away. Here is part of one of the many tributes to her:

“It is thanks to Sandra Escher that people who hear voices are interviewed in a ‘journalistic way.’ This has initiated a development to approach voice-hearers differently. Not from a disease model, but from the fact that hearing voices is a special human characteristic and the voices are often meaningful….She organized annual conferences, wrote books, and was the first researcher in the field of children who hear voices.”

Parents and family members may be interested in her work on and with voice-hearing youth:

Children Who Hear Voices, written with Romme, aims to provide support and practical solutions for the experience of hearing voices. It is in two parts, one for voice-hearing children, the other for parents and adult caregivers.

Video: “Sandra Escher: Children and Young People Who Hear Voices,” presented at the 6th World Hearing Voices Congress in 2014.