#FreeBritney – A Discussion on Conservatorship and Psychiatric Power


From Inner Compass Initiative: “The leaked audio of Britney Spears’ courageous testimony at her recent conservatorship hearing is a powerful articulation of the unchecked power that the mental health system has to strip individuals of their basic rights, dignities, and liberties. Yes—the control of her money, her body, and her freedom was handed to her family. But it was done so via the sanctioned authority of mental health professionals who’ve been handed the power to determine who among us is ‘crazy’ and therefore undeserving of the right to own ourselves.

It felt important to us at Inner Compass Initiative to get a conversation started about this. Join Laura Delano, Attorney Jim Gottstein, and Professor David Cohen on Facebook Live as they discuss Britney’s story, the broader legal and societal landscape of psychiatric power, and what it means for all of us.”

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