Resistance Recovery With Dr. Michael Cornwall: The Legacy of John Weir Perry


From Resistance Recovery: Piers Kaniuka and Dr. Michael Cornwall discuss the legacy of Jungian psychiatrist John Weir Perry and efforts to provide sanctuary spaces for people in psychosis in the 1970s and ’80s.

Michael Cornwall is a Jungian/Laingian psychotherapist who went through his own intense experience of transformative madness without medication or treatment that formed his vocation. For over 30 years he has specialized in providing psychotherapy for people in psychotic states in medication-free sanctuaries and community settings. He completed his doctoral study of Diabasis House, the Jungian early episode, medication-free psychosis sanctuary founded by Michael’s mentor, Dr. John Weir Perry. Michael is an Esalen Institute workshop leader and psychology grad school lecturer and CEU trainer on alternative approaches to madness. 

Resistance Recovery is reimagining addiction and recovery in the 21st century.”

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