Mama’s Little Helpers

From Mad in Mexico: The end seemed to come one afternoon in May 2012, when the psychiatrist announced by phone that he was no longer going to give me any more prescriptions for benzodiazepines that he himself began to prescribe 3 years ago.¬†By then I was consuming, under his supposed medical supervision, three kinds of anxiolytics, taking up to 6 milligrams per night, along with an antipsychotic that another psychiatrist had prescribed for me. I don’t remember since when, because, according to his words: “You can’t sleep in anguish.¬†That is why you are going to take Olanzapine (as if the Olanzapine ‚Äúcured‚ÄĚ the anguish).¬†Now, in addition, the doctor had just prescribed another medicine, because according to him I also had ADHD.¬†So at that time I was a walking medicine cabinet.

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