Illness as Mutiny of the Soul | Charles Eisenstein


From Charles Eisenstein: “Depression, anxiety, and fatigue are an essential part of a process of metamorphosis that is unfolding on the planet today, and highly significant for the light they shed on the transition from an old world to a new.

When a growing fatigue or depression becomes serious, and we get a diagnosis of Epstein-Barr or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or hypothyroid or low serotonin, we typically feel relief and alarm. Alarm: something is wrong with me. Relief: at least I know I’m not imagining things; now that I have a diagnosis, I can be cured, and life can go back to normal. But of course, a cure for these conditions is elusive.

The notion of a cure starts with the question, ‘What has gone wrong?’ But there is another, radically different way of seeing fatigue and depression that starts by asking, ‘What is the body, in its perfect wisdom, responding to?’ When would it be the wisest choice for someone to be unable to summon the energy to fully participate in life?

The answer is staring us in the face. When our soul-body is saying No to life, through fatigue or depression, the first thing to ask is, ‘Is life as I am living it the right life for me right now?’ When the soul-body is saying No to participation in the world, the first thing to ask is, ‘Does the world as it is presented me merit my full participation?’

What if there is something so fundamentally wrong with the world, the lives, and the way of being offered us, that withdrawal is the only sane response? Withdrawal, followed by a reentry into a world, a life, and a way of being wholly different from the one left behind?”


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